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Is Yoga For Me?

Updated: May 30, 2020

The short answer is YES! Yoga is for everybody. You don't need to be flexible or fit and there are so many styles of yoga that there is definitely something for everyone out there.

There's a common perception that yoga is a slow, relaxing stretch for slim, young females in matching sports bra and leggings. Or that it's for the free spirits who want to sit cross-legged and align their chakras. It can be both of these! But it can be so many other things too.

My yoga classes are Baptiste-inspired. One of the core principles of Baptiste yoga is that it is accessible to everyone, at any level. To achieve this we use clear languaging (e.g. sanskrit is usually kept to a minimum) and give options to make the practice more powerful or more gentle. Having said that, Baptiste yoga is power yoga! This means it's quite a strong, fast-paced class which brings strength, flexibility and an aerobic element.

Did you know some yoga doesn't even require moving? Yoga means 'to yoke' or 'union'. Whilst in the west we think of yoga as a series of physical postures, it is simply the practice of uniting mind, body, breath and finding connection to something bigger than yourself. In fact, it is thought that when yoga originated in the Indus Valley in India, it focused on meditation and staying in one, meditative posture for a long time. Other 'paths of yoga' include karma yoga (meditative, selfless action) and bhakti yoga (devotion to a higher power).

Yoga is for everyone, but not all yoga is for everyone. Get in touch with me via the Contact page if you want to explore what kind of yoga is for you.

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