• Sarah Smith

How yoga helped me to serve others in the pandemic

The final weekend of my yoga teacher training was supposed to involve teaching a public class, a graduation ceremony, a celebratory dinner with my fellow graduates and partying into the night. Instead, we all dialed into a videocall from our respective homes.

During the course, we were told the role of a yoga teacher is to consider how they can best serve their students in each class, by identifying what they need. So when we went into lockdown, I asked myself what I could do to make life a little lighter for those around me.

Workplace mediation

My office has now been shut for over five months so my colleagues and I are working from home. I offered to lead short, online meditation sessions, once a week for my colleagues. This helps maintain a social side to working, as there is always a little chat beforehand, and helps my colleagues find 10 minutes of peace and presence in their busy days, and these uncertain times.

Online yoga and fundraising

As I couldn't teach in person, I started an online yoga class. I initially asked attendees to donate to NHS Charities Together as payment for the class. Over lockdown my generous students donated over £200 to the cause! As well as fundraising, the classes give my students something to look forward to each week, help them stay active and bring some focus and regularity to a very uncertain time.

And so it continues...

My meditation sessions and online yoga have been so successful I continue to offer them, as well as now offering outdoor yoga. Sign up via the 'Schedule' page or get in touch if you are interested in workplace or private yoga and meditation.

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